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Creating a "Sticky Web Presence" for your target audience, is what we do, and it's all we do! From Podcast Production to Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites, along with Video & Motion Graphic Production, all the way to Graphic Print & Logo Design. Brand Yourself and Convert More Leads Today!

What Features Will You Need?

What is your web markting plan?

Marketing Video

Let's create explainer videos, testimonials, product demos, tutorials, real estate tours and so much more! Online video marketing is literally the difference between a blip and a BLAST!

WordPress Themes

Want to save money and take less time? Let's use a WordPress theme, they save and allow easier collaboration. I do the heavy lifting and you the rest! Why not add your touch?

eCommerce with WooCommerce

Your website is your storefront for online window shoppers. Increase traffic and kick start your sales today! Blurbidea specializes in WooCommerce Shopping Cart Systems.

Audio Podcasting in South Carolina

Start a podcast (Talk Radio On Demand), and get your message out. Podcasting attracts 1000's of listeners and followers across many devices, smart TV's and now even cars!


Don't get taken advantage of by online shysters. Do you suspect auto mechanics or salesmen? When it comes to some online services... "You Ain't Seen Nothin'!"

Audio - Video - Image Editing

Perhaps you've already recorded some video or audio, and you want to put everything together in a professional looking & sounding presentation or production.

Joe Bates, Ambient Media of South Carolina
When Ambient Media first launched onto the scene, we called on Arlee to design our website. His knowledge and experience allowed us to move quickly and meet our deadline. We were thrilled to find someone who wanted to understand our business and presented the best ideas.
Joe Bates, Ambient Media of South Carolina
Sales & Marketing Manager
Beth Wood-Young
Arlee approached me in June of 2008 regarding the sale of family owned beach property in North Carolina. He had a sales concept that I had never heard of..... video sales presentation! I hired him to produce the video of my families property and was ecstatic with the finished product. The sales agent I had a listing agreement with didn't pan out and I signed on with Arlee. He guided me through the detailed paperwork, explaining in common sense language exactly what I needed to know about our agreement. With his expertise and commitment to solid business practices, we collaborated on a Eastern US marketing campaign of my family property. It was a fabulous experience from to start to finish. I wouldn't hesitate a second to hire him again to consult with me. I wholeheartedly recommend him. His work is excellent!
Beth Wood-Young
Paralegal/Independent Contractor
Dr. Richard C. Marcus, D.M.A.
R. Lee "Arlee" is very knowledgeable; he keeps up with all the latest trends. He has a lot of imagination, and the quality of his work is first rate.
Dr. Richard C. Marcus, D.M.A.
Conductor, HSYO Sinfonietta, Professor William & Mary College
Yvonne Pinelli
Arlee has done an excellent job of taking my vision and creating a reality that has exceeded my expectations. His talent goes far beyond the norm. When you are able to have a professional that understands the real estate business and knows what it takes to be successful, the outcome is pure brilliance. Thank you for being a mentor and challenging me to be better than I ever thought I had the ability to be!
Yvonne Pinelli
Broker at Exit Realty of the Midlands

Blurbs - Ideas - Engaging Content

Cross platform websites, content and media customized to brand and engage site visitors.

I am sometimes referred to as a "Guru," but I am not a Doctor. However, like any good Doctor, I like to diagnose before I prescribe. I start with where you want to end up and WE work our way backwards.

From beginning to end, your relationship with me is an intimate & confidential process. Please contact me to discuss what your web marketing is currently NOT doing well... today!

  • HTML5 Coding: The lines between desktop and mobile are rapidly fading.

  • WordPress Themes: Both search engine & mobile friendly, and they allow you more control over your web presence.

  • Interactive Effects: Scroll this site up and down and you'll see css3 coding at work.

  • Mobile Shopping: You need an eCommerce website that works great on mobile too.

Receive Content Samples and Special Offers!

Your Site on Mobile Devices... Will it Produce?

Everywhere you look, you’re bound to see someone using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile devices have quickly become the go-to device for a whole range of digital services that we rely on every day. This might include booking a ride with Uber, listening to a favorite Podcast, running a project, or even placing orders for products digitally. Mobile has quickly moved from being just another way to consume content to a platform that helps us accomplish more all day, every day.

While the desktop computer is of course still relevant, digital media consumption on mobile devices has truly skyrocketed in the past several years. In Columbia, SC, online video marketing and podcasting on mobile friendly websites will go a long way towards making your website "Sticky."

Our Services

21st Century Online Marketing Right Here in Columbia, SC

Podcasting is On Demand

If you’re thinking about launching a podcast, you’d better do it soon, because the competition is only going to get more intense.

Mobile Freindly Websites

Responsive - Mobile Friendly Websites, are optimized for viewing on smartphones & tablets + boosted Google search results.

Online Video Marketing

With online video marketing, your chances of getting "Page One" listing on Google search increases by 53%.

Our Creative Skills

We are expert in production of online branding content
Podcast Production
Video Editing
Mobile Websites

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